OpenCHS - Features and Roadmap



Flexible data model

Configurable forms

Data collection

Form level validation

OpenCHS can trigger a validation that can use complete data set for the subject/individual and can validate the data. e.g.: validate that date of delivery being filled in the Delivery Form cannot be within 4 months from LMP date captured during ANC registration form.

On-field work management

Device data

About catchment

Each individual (and other subjects) are registered to a location (e.g. village). The user can be assigned a group of locations (e.g. villages) or a group of higher level locations (e.g. gram panchayats). This forms the catchment of the user and all the individuals (or subjects) in those locations will be present offline on their device.

Device data security and Login

Reporting dashboard (using metabase)


Translations available

While the platform supports multiple languages, and adding translations is simple, currently the platform has been translated in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.

About video library

Multiple videos can be added for your implementations. All the information about how many times and how long the video has been played can be tracked.

Health specific

Inbuilt health modules

There are certain health programs in India that have been standardised to great extent. Programmatic implementation of such programs doesn't vary by place too much. Hence with OpenCHS has health modules that capture the shared understanding of these health modules.


Roadmap (with rough timelines, 2019)

Product goals for year 2019


Link subjects

Best understood via an example - if an implementation has two types of subject - Anganwadi and Beneficiary, then capture beneficiary list while filling Anganwadi VHND form or vice-versa.

Web interface



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