Open Community Health System

Our Goal

OpenCHS aims to be a comprehensive community health platform designed to empower health workers with supportive supervision of the clinicians. It is being developed in collaboration with practitioners working in the field with large experience in community medicine.

OpenCHS is designed to be used by field and primary level health workers, from any android device. OpenCHS is a generic platform meant to be used by health workers for multiple health programs (mother, child growth, chronic diseases etc), in multiple languages and can be configured for the needs of specific organisations. It can be used during screening, follow-up care and surveys. The app also provides basic and simple algorithmic decision and other job related support for health workers e.g. identification of high risk pregnancies, child growth monitoring via WHO growth charts, immunisation/vaccination/visit schedule management, dosage calculation, etc.

Health modules along with the platform

OpenCHS team is also working on developing health modules as per India's national and WHO health guidelines. These health modules are also open source and can be readily used. The modules for which version have been developed are: maternal health (ANC, Delivery and PNC), child (growth monitoring, immunisation) and outpatient module (dosage calculation). We are currently working health modules for - adolescent continuum of care. You can find out about other modules on the roadmap. please One can choose the health modules provided by the OpenCHS team or develop their own.

Features and Roadmap

Here is a list of features of OpenCHS. The roadmap is available here.


Please try out the Android app from the playstore to get a feel of OpenCHS. Please use demo/password for login. The reporting dashboard for OpenCHS which has visualisations and reports for the data collected can be seen found at

Remember that OpenCHS is highly customisable to the needs of individual community health program implementations, and the default app available on the playstore just gives an idea of the different key features that the system can deliver.


Documentation for users, community health organisations and developers are all here.


We are very keen to work with the community in development, implementation and content development for OpenCHS.

If you are working in or running a community health setup, and would like to know more about the capabilities of OpenCHS, please contact us at . Alternatively, you could drop by to chat via our public Gitter channel.


All OpenCHS work is licensed under AGPL v3.

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